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Macbeth Thematic Essay

A) “But wherefore could not I pronounce “Amen”? I had most need of blessing, and “Amen” stuck in my throat.” -Macbeth (2.2.39)
B)This quote is very significant to Macbeth's Character. This helps to show how Macbeth's can now only Accept the crime he has committed, for when he turns to god for an answer he finds he is unable to even say the simplest of thing. The word ‘Amen” is stuck in his throat as if he is no longer allowed to say it after having acted in such a sinful way. He has lost gods trust and this is killing Macbeth inside. He realizes that he was persuaded to do a wicked thing, and now there is no turning back from it. I feel that from this point forward Macbeth's character will only spiral into being a lesser of a person as his choices bring him deeper and deeper in his own lies. i Think this quote best relates to the theme that Superstition affects human behavior.
C)In the Movie the lighting is very dark everywhere except around Macbeth and lady Macbeth, It shines down upon to his face as he looks upward hoping for some sign of virtue but yet he is no longer greeted by god. there is a lot of shot reverse and two shot in this scene of lady Macbeth and Macbeth and it helps to emphasize individual concern for the matter. Close up is also used in the film as Macbeth brings his hands in front of his face and sees the blood stained upon them. At one point the camera also zooms on the daggers in the sink which Macbeth brought back with him rather than planting on the guards like he was supposed to. The camera pans as Macbeth and lady Macbeth argue over his mistake of bringing the daggers back with him.
D)I thought the acting in this scene of the movie was somewhat pushed, it wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be and I couldn't really feel how much Macbeth was in pain knowing that he killed his Honorable leader. I also didn't like how the scene was shot in the middle of an empty hallway with a random sink in the middle of it, it just seemed to fake for the intensiveness of the scene.

A) “Look like th’innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t”-Lady Macbeth (1.5.60)
B) I see this quote most relating to the theme Things aren’t always as they seem. This quote in short is saying  Macbeth should act as the honorable man everyone thinks he is and make everyone think he is happy with what he has and then yearn for more at the same time. Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to kill Duncan so he can become king. This says a lot about lady Macbeth It shows that she is cunning and evil and will do anything she can for power, which is why this quote could also be related to the theme  Power Corrupts. This truly shows how Lady Macbeth isn't as strong willed a person as Macbeth and cant handle even the slightest bit of power while at the same time it shows that Macbeth is weak and is easily convinced to do things he really is against.
C) In this scene in the movie, Macbeth comes into the dark kitchen to tell his wife that he no longer wants to kill king Duncan, they are on opposite sides of the kitchen at this point which could easily show that Macbeth is scared of his wife and is trying to stay away from her decisions. But as the scene progresses the lighting seem to get a little brighter towards Lady Macbeth and Macbeth seems to get closer as she calls him a coward and demands that he does as she says, she tells him its the only way and a lot of two shot is used between the two characters as thee conversation progresses. As Macbeth comes to the conclusion that he will kill king Duncan the lighting around Lady Macbeth truly shows her evil side as she grins and tells her husband to act normal, but lie through his teeth at the same time.
D)I feel that this scene could have been paid more attention to as it progressed, the lighting was too minimal, at some point the actress who played lady Macbeth spoken so abruptly and loudly that it was hard to understand hat she was saying at first. I think this scene should have haad more attention paid to it as Macbeth is making an extremely large decision that the whole movie is based off of.

A)”O, yet do repent me of my fury, that i did kill them”-Macbeth (2.2.116)
B)This quote is very significant to the play, and it relates to the theme that power corrupts. This shows how Macbeth has changed, his wives teachings and his new authority have driven him to believe that he can do things with out having to suffer the consequences that follow the, In this scene Macbeth kills the guards that were supposed to be watching over king Duncan because they failed to do there job and it was lay ed out by him self and his wife to make it look like they guards themselves had killed their king. Macbeth says that he kills them because he is so enraged at there deeds that he cannot control him self, but this only leans towards Macbeth being a suspected murderer of king Duncan because it makes it look like he is trying to cover it up. Macbeth's endless ranting starts to get a little out of line so Lady Macbeth faints to distract them from him. This shows how power can corrupt you because Macbeth believes that no matter what he says the other will believe him.
C) In this scene, Macbeth is the center of attention, it is very early in the morning and everyone has been awoken by the yelling of the people in the kitchen, they find that king Duncan is dead, and each person that talks seems to try talking louder than the last in attempts to get there point across. But the real acting in this scene is done by Macbeth as the camera pans and follows him around the room and closes in on him as he tells what he did to the guards and relays his endless fury to the crowd of people hovering around him in the kitchen.
D) I feel this scene was played out very well and it seemed very true as to how Macbeth would act if he had just killed more people trying to further cover up his original murder. I feel that the way lady Macbeth fainted was a great way to distract everyone from Macbeth’s rant that was starting to look suspicious.

A) “When our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors”-Lady Macduff (4.2.5)
B) This Quote best fits under the theme of Things are not always as they seem.This is the scene when lady macduff is talking to Ross in the shower room. They are discussing how it seems that her husband is a suspect because he fled after the death of king Duncan. Lady Macduff is saying that sh knows that her husband is not a traitor but she understand why it would seem as though he was when he flees the country. She doesn't know why he left but she knows that he left them alone and without protection, so now they are vulnerable to the corrupt new leader who will stop at nothing to cover his own tracks. Macduffs disappearance ends up with the assassination of Lady Macduff and her children whom were all completely helpless and innocent.
C) In this scene there is a lot of natural light coming through he window of the washroom an it shows the innocence of lady Macduff and her children. They speak calmly so they don’t frighten the children, and when ever a camera is focused on Lady Macduff , it is sure to include her children in it as well to show how close they are to each other. She tells her children that there father is dead when really he just fled to England to warn king Duncan's son of Macbeth's killings.  Then the lights seem to dim as Macbeth enters the washroom and slaughters all of them. In this scene many camera angles are used and the camera pans to show all the men Macbeth has brought with him.
D) I think this scene was very dramatic and the bright light in the room was an excellent way to show the innocence of all the family. This scene helped me to further understand this quote because it really showed how Macduff was afraid of Macbeth so instead of facing his fears and going against the king he ran away which makes him seem as though he were the original traitor... the murderer of king Duncan.

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